Mud Mixer

Mud Mixer - Heavy Duty Portable Multi Use
The Mud Mixer Cement Mixer is one of the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixers on the market. It features a fully-adjustable water input designed to be used with concrete, mortar or stucco mix. it quickly and effortlessly provides reliable consistency wherever it's needed. Mixing mud has never been this quick, easy or clean. The 35in. stand-over height means you'll never lift another bag above the belt. Attached secondary hose allows quick, easy and convenient clean up. The 330° pivot system allows for precision and adjustability on any worksite. The patented auger moves along any mixture and delivers it where it's needed. Marathon flat-free tires mean you'll always get where you're going. The integrated bag opener provides easy drop-and-fold opening of your favorite dry mix. The fully-adjustable water dial allows for customized water flow for desired mixture. The electric drivetrain provides the power to chew through more than 40 bags of mix per hour.

25 - 35 best setting for water control

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