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LGR Dehumidifier

Drieaz Dehumidifier Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) can be used down to 32 degrees and with a max 24.5 gallons water removal per day

Powerful LGR Dehumidifying
In even the lowest temperature environments the Dri-Eaz LGR 6000Li keeps on working. As a low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier, it’s designed to have better heat exchange and defrost abilities than traditional dehumidifiers. In fact, it’s able to operate in temperatures as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

Faster Water Removal
When it comes to flooding time is essential. That’s why this Dri-Eaz portable dehumidifier is equipped with features to deliver some of the fast drying possible.

Internal Pump: It’s built to automatically pump out water on a regular basis. A quick-connect fitting and included hose allow you to drain moisture out of the area. The 25-foot power cord and 40-foot drain hose easily store on top of the unit.
Powerful Moisture Elimination: In AHAM Conditions (80 degrees F, 60% Relative Humidity) it removes 100 pints of moisture per day.
Works in Saturated Spaces Too: At saturation (90 degrees F, 90% Relative Humidity) it’ll remove an amazing 204 pints of water per day. Under standard AHAM conditions, it pulls 100 pints of moisture per day.

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