3.5 Ton Excavator Hitachi 35U

ZX35U-5 gives you big-time performance on all kinds of jobs. By talking and listening to owners like you, we’ve taken the excavator to a whole new level by adding real-world practical improvements.

You get a more spacious cab with wider, easier entry and better
visibility; a fuel-efficient and reliable engine that meets emission standards; and maintenance that’s easier than ever thanks to enhancements such as improved access to coolers. Built to the same high standards as our larger mining excavators, the ZX35U-5 delivers efficiency, reliability and durability to your operation. Mini -X
24" Bucket

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Name3.5 Ton Excavator Hitachi 35U
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$360.00 per day
$1,470.00 per week
$3,470.00 per month
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